Does your company need help with promotional strategies or efforts to increase engagement and client trust? Do you need an experienced producer to manage your large (or small) projects? After fifteen years in public media, I founded hvh Engage! to provide a deeper level of specialized attention to businesses looking to connect more effectively with their clientele. Whether you need a writer, producer, project manager, or content strategist, I’m ready to help take your business to the next level.

How hvh Engage! can support your business:

  • Writing – Developing, writing, and editing businesses materials, websites, newsletters, and blogs.
  • Brand Launches – Developing, executing, and invigorating brand strategies.
  • Education – Developing educational materials for informal education settings.
  • Engagement Strategies – Creating and implementing plans to engage audiences and strengthen brands.
  • Partner Management – Establishing, building, and strengthening relationships.
  • Promotion & Social Media – Developing and managing promotional campaigns.
  • Websites – Creating content, producing, and building sites.